Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Journal Entry from Prof. CRK - 4 September, 1955

4th September, 1955 According to the ancient texts which I have been able to translate, Mathion was a descendant of the Clan of Eredôn, one of the seven Royal Clans of the Wolven (Várna Iktirvandon). These seven clans are descended from the first High King of the Wolven, Hâr-Etheôn, who had seven sons. They became the forefathers of the most powerful Wolven clans.  The Wolven were governed by a cyclical hereditary monarchy of agnatic primogeniture, but in many cases the wives of the Kings were just as powerful and influential as their husbands. Each clan sat on the Ánovénean High Throne for up to seven generations, after which the Crown was passed to the next clan from eldest to youngest. This "Cycle of Kings" was set to begin after Etheôn's natural death with the ascension of his eldest son Eredôn, but owing to circumstances in the Battle of Degos Enath, Eredôn elected to put his line at the end of the Cycle, for both personal reasons and reasons of what the Wolven referred to as "naeróndu", which roughly translates as "sight of the mind." As a result his younger brother Erios became the first of the brothers to ascend the High Throne. The other six aided Erios in the early years of his reign, creating the tradition of the "Council of Elders," a body that was not made official until the reign of Hâr-Valaxor II.   What follows are descriptions of the colors and mottos of each of the Wolven Royal Clans.  WOLVEN ROYAL CLANS- colors and mottos •EREDÔN- blue and gold banner, sigil of a white wolf's head lined with gold above the Lost Sword of Eredôn on a blue field; "Power Through Honor." •ERIOS- first of Etheôn’s sons to ascend the High Throne after his death; purple and yellow banner, sigil of a black wolf's claw within a yellow diamond; "Answer the call." •ARUVAI- called "the Grim" (sometimes "the Grim Smith" in reference to his chosen trade), spent a century in wordless mourning after Hâr-Etheôn's death; banner of black and gray with a wolf-headed hammer sigil; "United by silver." •DÚREVON- first Regent, banner of red and white and black, sigil of a black quill within a white wolf's pawprint on a red field; "Words inspire action." •LAROS- "the Watcher"; green banner lined with silver, sigil of a green wolf's head lined with silver and a silver eye; "Unsleeping vigilance." •ÚREVOS- orange, black and grey banner, sigil of a black wolf's head encircled in orange flames on a grey field; "The fire burns bright." •ATHION- black, blue and white banner, sigil of a closed blue fist within a white wolf's claw on a black field; "Uninhibited."

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