Thursday, April 19, 2012

THE LAST ASCENSION Synopsis Revealed!

So you've been waiting to see what's going to happen in the second volume of the MAVONDURI TRILOGY. I've dropped a few hints here and there, but now here is the full" jacket-flap" synopsis for BOOK TWO OF THE MAVONDURI TRILOGY, THE LAST ASCENSION! Get ready to meet some new characters and face greater threats as Mathion's destiny hurtles closer towards its fulfillment, to the salvation or destruction of all...

THE LAST ASCENSION: BOOK TWO OF THE MAVONDURI TRILOGY, takes place 583 years after the events of MATHION. When King Tharion is gravely injured in a surprise assassination attempt by a werewolf, Mathion is forced into a corner by the Council of Elders. Knowing that he is not yet ready to ascend, Mathion decides to undertake another journey, traveling to the far northern reaches of Kânavad, accompanied by his friends Kéle'il and Oharion Halfbreed once again, to find the only cure for one suffering the near-fatal bite of a werewolf: Wolfsbane. At the same time Mathion’s son Mathios, along with his old friend Dovosir, is now embroiled in a conflict with the rebel Uprisers, led by a renegade Elder and threatening civil war with Ánovén. And overshadowing all of them is Azgharáth who, seeing the ripe opportunity before him, seeks to avenge his humiliation at Mathion's hands and ensure that Mathion will never ascend the High Throne of the Wolven.

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