Thursday, November 8, 2012


I rarely if ever get political, but recent events have compelled me to write this, and direct it AT President Obama.

Consider this scenario: The economy is diving. Republicans and Democrats simply can't get it together and work with each other for the good of the nation. The country looks to its President for leadership. We've already had bailouts and stimuli, but we can't risk the rising $16trillion+ national debt. Employment is tanking.

What can we do to reinvigorate our economy? The answer may sound crazy to some, especially those on the conservative side, but it may also make the most sense. Are you ready for it?

Legalize marijuana. Completely. Follow the WA or CO model approved by voters in the 2012 elections.

You want to cut federal spending, Mr. Obama? Legalize and you'll have cut $10billion annually from the DEA, not to mention how much local law enforcement will save. Tax the hell out of it, and bring money back into the national economy. Get people BUYING again. In every speech you give about the economy there are two recurring themes: job growth and spending.

Give us, the American people, something worth spending on. Give us a new industry that can provide hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs. Create a bold, new market that will boost agriculture, textiles, manufacturing, alternative fuels and 40,000+ other markets.

We've already seen that, one way or the other, that prohibition is ending. Why don't you take the initiative and legalize marijuana by executive order, and stimulate the economy. You want your second term to mean something? Legalize, and watch the economy grow.

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