Sunday, August 14, 2011


In the interim between MATHION and THE LAST ASCENSION (mainly due to computer issues which I unfortunately have no control over), I am very proud to present the latest OFFICIAL installment in the Mavonduri Legendarium. Going back over ten thousand years before the emergence of the Wolven, I decided to shed some light on the antagonist of the entire trilogy, the High Lord of the Werewolves himself, Azgharáth the Betrayer.

The joy of writing this little novella was exploring what made Azgharáth who he is. Where in MATHION Azgharáth's history was only touched upon, here I was able to really dig deep into his psyche and his simultaneous fall and rise. I won't give away all the spoilers here, but I am very pleased to say that you can witness the rise of the Betrayer for FREE at
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And if you notice the image I used for the cover of the book (which is partially due to its lack of expense), you may notice a familiar face. Let it be known here and now that this IS the face of the High Lord himself. No substitutes accepted!! Happy reading all, let me know how you like it!

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